Glob. JHU deaths data import. CSV XLSX COVID-19 Funds Transparency Hi - I'm Dave Bruns, and I run Exceljet with my wife, Lisa. Alvarez, M.M., Gonzlez-Gonzlez, E. & Trujillo-de Santiago, G. Modeling COVID-19 epidemics in an Excel spreadsheet to enable first-hand accurate predictions of the pandemic evolution in urban areas. By Whitney Tesi. Phys. Expected number of hours contact tracers will work per day, Compare impact of3 contact tracing/monitoring strategies, Estimate resources needed for case interviews and contact follow-up, Cases and hospitalizations broken down into 3 different age groups, Determine total number of hospitalizations averted, Calculate amount of direct medical costs saved. By the end of 2020, one year after its emergence, the official cumulative number of infected worldwide ascended to more than 80 million with a toll of death higher than 1.75 million and a strong presence in Las Americas, mainly in the USA1, Europe, and India2. We have selected these data sets to illustrate that the evolution of the epidemic has a local flavor that mainly depends on the number of initial infected persons, the demographic density, and the set of containment measures taken by government officials and society. Mathematical modeling may (and probably should) become a much more available tool in the case of public health emergenciesone ideally widely available to practically any citizen in any of our societies. By submitting a comment you agree to abide by our Terms and Community Guidelines. To download fresh data, right-click inside the table and select "Refresh". Proportion of asymptomatic coronavirus disease 2019: A systematic review and meta-analysis. We create short videos, and clear examples of formulas, functions, pivot tables, conditional formatting, and charts. 1). The purpose of this articleis to show examples of how to get Coronavirus testing data into Excel. Google Sheets can both feel and load slower as you fill more and more cells and sheets . Gostic, K., Gomez, A. C., Mummah, R. O., Kucharski, A. J. Data is by country by day, and would be a good candidate for a Pivot Tableto provide totals. Within days of launch, the Hub had garnered thousands of visits. Condens. Progression of the COVID-19 Pandemic in NYC. & Remuzzi, G. COVID-19 and Italy: What next?. You can change the values in the white cells in either tool, inputting values that best show the situation in your area. Each example has a link, a screenshot to show what the data looks like in Excel after being imported, and an Excel workbook. COVIDTracer Advanced also allows a user to estimate age-stratified direct medical costs associated with COVID-19 hospitalizations, providing information on direct medical costs associated with interventions. Cookies used to enable you to share pages and content that you find interesting on through third party social networking and other websites. Seroprevalence following the second wave of pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. S1). (2020). Colors are also associated with the economic and recreational activities that are allowed and the level of social distancing enforced. This mortality percentage (case fatality rate) lies within the range reported in recent literature for COVID-1914,38,39,40. However, when the spreadsheet was converted into a PDF file, . Dev. These cookies perform functions like remembering presentation options or choices and, in some cases, delivery of web content that based on self-identified area of interests. Cookies used to track the effectiveness of CDC public health campaigns through clickthrough data. 193, 792795 (2006). (2). This data contains the latest snapshot of Coronavirus testing data for the United States at the state level. Actual data points, as officially reported, are shown using black circles. Episode 30 out now. Power Query on Mac does not support web sources yet. Lancet (2020). Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the website. Beware Coronavirus-Themed Malware Disguised as Excel Spreadsheets ADVERTISEMENT Microsoft Discovers Coronavirus-Themed Malware in Excel Sheets The hackers use a software called NetSupport. Share. We also explored the adequacy of our demographic model for describingthe dynamics of the first pandemic wave in South Korea. When data has changed, you will see more recentdata appear. Monday 5 October 2020, 4:29pm. Res. 5A,B). The attached Excel workbooks include a working query, and each query returns data to an Excel Table . Cite this article. Here, we construct a very simple epidemiological model for the propagation of COVID-19 in urban areas. N. Engl. & Tan, D. Role of electronic media in mitigating the psychological impacts of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). COVIDTracer and COVIDTracer Advanced numbers are NOT predictions of what will occur during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn Excel with high quality video training. 4A,B), we had to assume that the testing effort in South Korea resulted in finding and effectively quarantining nearly 100% of all infected persons within a few days (i.e., within 2days in our simulations). ECDC: On Air - podcast on European epidemiology. Use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate the slides or the slide controller buttons at the end to navigate through each slide. Different exponential stages, perfectly distinguishable by their exhibition of different slopes (Table 3), may be observed within the same time series. Note that COVID-19 has exhibited a wide range of spreading rates in different countries (from~0.12 to~0.65day1). Eurosurveillance 25, 2000180 (2020). Eng. 24 datasets found for "COVID" COVID-19 Funds Expenditures The COVID-19 expenditures datasets provide an overview of all expenses recorded by state agencies using the COVID-19 incident code. More than 60,000,000 positive cases of COVID-19 infection had been declared worldwide at that. J. Med. However, other tools, such as mathematical modeling, are much more widely available and may be of extraordinary value when managing epidemic events such as the COVID-19 pandemics. Please note that in this demographic model (Eqs. In this scale of colors, red conveys the maximum level of alert. Note that the simultaneous solution of Eqs. Bakker, M., Berke, A., Groh, M., Pentland, A. S. & Moro, E. Effect of Social Distancing Measures in the New York City Metropolitan Area. For example, the progression of COVID-19 is eminently influenced by demographic factors3,10, whereas SIR-related models are not intrinsically demographic-based. Almost 16,000 cases of coronavirus in the UK went unreported because of a glitch caused by an Excel spreadsheet, it has been reported. Lancet Glob. To, K. K. W. et al. COVID-19, the first pandemic of this decade and the second in less than 15years, has harshly taught us that viral diseases do not recognize boundaries; however, they truly do discriminate between aggressive and mediocre containment responses. Wang, K. et al. Enter Mobile Number Not a valid mobile number. Countries that are better equipped than others in terms of high-end scientific development, diagnostics technology, and health care infrastructure may respond more efficaciously to a pandemic scenario. Remuzzi, A. This is a simple SIR model, implemented in Excel (download from this link). Note that this model enables the description of the progressive exhaustion of the epidemic, as expected by the progressive depletion of the susceptible population. PubMed The OSHA COVID-19 Healthcare Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) requires employers to keep a COVID-19 Log if they have more than 10 employees on June 21, 2021 (the effective date of the ETS) (See 29 CFR 1910.502(q)). Further, we encourage you to change input values and explore the impact of various scenarios and assumptions (e.g., hours spent to initially interview a case). The epidemiological characteristics of an outbreak of 2019 novel coronavirus diseases (COVID-19) in China. Thank you for visiting In the Excel implementation of the demographic model, we have reserved a column to provide values for . Save time with intelligence-enhanced tools for experts and beginners. Explore the data on confirmed COVID-19 deaths for all . So keep checking back. Sample size calculator for evaluation of COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness (Excel) 17 March 2021 | COVID-19: Vaccines Download (47.5 kB) Overview Evaluation of COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness WHO Team WHO Headquarters (HQ) Editors World Health Organization Reference numbers Find a Location Summary Dashboard Covid-19 Community Levels by Parish Case Data Death Data Hospital Data Vaccination Data Comparison of Percentage of COVID-19 Cases, Deaths, Vaccinations, and Populations by Race by Parish Helpful Links A constant value of =0.10 was used in this simulation. Psychiatry Res. Huber, M. & Langen, H. Timing matters: The impact of response measures on COVID-19-related hospitalization and death rates in Germany and Switzerland. 5A,B) at the time of this writing. Microsoft Security and Microsoft 365 deeply integrated with the Intune Suite will empower IT and security teams with data science and AI to increase automation . }$$, Get the most important science stories of the day, free in your inbox. Same functions as COVIDTracer, PLUS the following new, additional functions: Can COVIDTracer be used to accurately estimate the impact of COVID-19? 20, 565574 (2020). 14, 125128 (2020). The. Texas COVID-19 Case Data Coronavirus (COVID-19) Medicaid Recipients Click here to find out what action you need to take due to the end of continuous Medicaid coverage. Actual data points, as officially reported, are shown using black circles. Simulation predictions are described by the yellow line. Algeria is the first Member State of Download our complete dataset of COVID-19 metrics on GitHub. Kermack, W. & Mckendrick, A. G. A contribution to the mathematical theory of epidemics. Our public data API provides access to all of our data at a national and state level. Modeling and forecasting the COVID-19 pandemic in India. This model may be extremely valuable for government officials who must predict, with high fidelity, the progression of an epidemic event to better design their action strategies. 2/28/2023. See state-by-state data on vaccinations in the United States. Agents 55, 105924 (2020). Infographic: Best cleaning and disinfecting practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. S1)46. Feb 22; Hand-crafted & Made with. Mexico City went from red to orange in June 2020 and back to red in December 2020. Google Scholar. The volume of results overwhelmed the data limits of the Excel spreadsheet set up to receive it. Lancet Respir. Efficiency of Covid-19 mobile contact tracing containment by measuring time dependent doubling time. The gap between developed and developing countries may explain some of the differences in the scale of the responses that we are observing3. If you are writing an application that uses our data, consider our API instead. Testing quickly ramped up to more than 10,000 tests per day, mainly in the city of Daegu (with a metropolitan area of nearly 2.5 million people). You will be subject to the destination website's privacy policy when you follow the link. (A) Initial evolution of the number of positive cases of COVID-19 in NYC. volume11, Articlenumber:4327 (2021) The percentage of asymptomatic infections during pandemic Influenza A/H1N1/2009, based on epidemiology studies founded in serological analysis in a vast range of geographical settings, has been estimated between 65 and 85%31; up to 2040% of the population in urban areas (i.e., Monterrey in Mxico, and Pittsburgh in USA)32,33 exhibited specific antibodies against Influenza A/H1N1/2009regardless of experiencing symptoms, while the fraction of confirmed symptomatic infections was lower than less than 10%. In addition, the average time of sickness was set at 21days in our simulations, as this is within the reported range of 1432 days34,35, with a median time to recovery of 21 days36. SARS-CoV-2 viral load in upper respiratory specimens of infected patients. Learn more about the efficacy of disinfectants on strains and variants of coronavirus. The inset show the cumulative number of cases predicted by the model for the same scenarios previously described. Two sets of parameters, demographic and clinical/epidemiological, determine the interplay between these two main populations and other subpopulations that include asymptomatic infected (A), symptomatic infected (S), and deceased (D) individuals. This page provides examples of public Coronavirus data you can download to Excel with Power Query. Figure5B shows a comparison between the actual and predicted numbers of daily new cases of COVID-19 in Mexico City. Excel's desktop version runs smoothly and loads quickly no matter how large the workbook or data within it. Consistent with these data, our demographic model nearly reproduced the entire progression of pandemic COVID-19 in Mexico City by considering a basal level of testing (=0.10) and a set of values for social distancing larger than 60% (>0.60). Version 2 of our API is available. Health 8, e488e496 (2020). COVIDTracer Spreadsheet CDC [Excel 5.7 MB], COVIDTracer Manual CDCpdf icon [1 MB, 51 pages], COVIDTracer Advanced Spreadsheet CDC [Excel 6 MB], COVIDTracer Advanced Manual CDC [1.6 MB, 55 pages], COVIDTracer Advanced DRAFT Report Template [165 KB, 8 Pages]. . See Cumulative Data . Please note that all data are provisional and subject to change. (D) Prediction of the number of new cases of COVID-19 per day if no containment actions were adopted (red area), if only social distancing were adopted (in accordance with the green profile of values in A and B) (green area), or in the actual case were social distancing combined with intensified testing and quarantine were adopted (yellow area). (3) to (5) (Supplemental File S1). Around 16,000. A SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic was declared by the World Health Organization in March 2020. 11, 761784 (2014). The links below provide more information about each website. JAMA (2020). J. Environ. Charact. However, we were able to closely reproduce the dynamics of the first wave of pandemic COVID by setting an aggressive slope of social distancing (i.e., self-quarantine, use of masks, avoidance of public gatherings) as well as an aggressive testing campaign (~0.98). PubMed For instance, the outbreak in NYC (Fig. On a Mac, you can refresh queries with Office 365 Excel, but you can't yet edit or create queries. After enabling macros, click the Start button on the cover page to start navigating the tool. Provided by the Springer Nature SharedIt content-sharing initiative, Transactions of the Indian National Academy of Engineering (2022). Ansumali, S. & Prakash, M. K. A very flat peak: Why standard SEIR models miss the plateau of COVID-19 infections and how it can be corrected. Slider with three articles shown per slide. In addition, monitoring actual data, while comparing them with model predictions, enables real-time assessment of the effectiveness of the containment measures. Summary. Two clearly distinctive exponential stages are observed in the case of the NYC and South Korean progression. This moderate gain of time provides additional leeway for planning interventions or allocating resources, with time being gold during pandemic events. This example shows how you can connect directly to an Excel workbook. You can ignore the inputs and outputs associated with the estimates of potentials savings of direct medical costs due to any reduction in hospitalizations. Our demographic model allows a definition of the fraction of infected subjects (), and the span of days between infection and effective quarantine, given a positive diagnostic (delay_q). 8, 420422 (2020). Simulation predictions are described by the yellow line. . We determined the appropriate ranges of values for o by analyzing publicly available data from different websites that continuously monitor the progression of confirmed cases of COVID-19 for different nations (Table 2). Article Pathological findings of COVID-19 associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome. Data Europa has a JSON api as well. Business Assistance. J. Med. Epidemiology and transmission of COVID-19 in Shenzhen China: Analysis of 391 cases and 1,286 of their close contacts. The daily and weekly data are available as downloadable files in the following formats: XLSX, CSV, JSON and XML. Home. 9, 523 (2020). Each example has a link, a screenshot to show what the data looks like in Excel after being imported, and an Excel workbook. Download materials related to COVID-19 for use by providers, community-based organizations, state and local government, and others to use in their public outreach and messaging efforts. In agreement, the results of our simulations suggest that massive testing, combined with a social distancing (~0.75), were key to facing the COVID crisis in NYC. These documents include a fact sheet that has background information on all programs, as well as separate facts sheets . Based on this (as yet still unpublished) data, we assumed a symptomatic fraction of only 15% in the calculations and forecasts presented here. In addition, the factor (PoX)/Po updates the susceptible population each time step by removing the infected population from the total population. Deaths by region and continent. Accordingly, in the Excel implementation of the model, we can multiply the value of (the specific infection rate) by a factor of (1) to obtain a proper fit for the new trend on actual cases and to calculate the impact of distancing measures that would diminish social contact. The weekly rate of new Covid-19 cases has soared in dozens of areas of England, following the addition of nearly 16,000 cases . Employers are required to record on the COVID-19 Log each instance of an Chaos Solitons Fractals 139, 110049 (2020). All dates and times are in US eastern time (ET). The model is based on a set of two simple differential equations. Google Scholar. A system of four colors (i.e., red, orange, yellow, and green) was established by the government officials to allow continuous communication of the status of the pandemic in the different regions across Mexico. Accessed 29 Dec 2020. Therefore, ranges of doubling times between 1.07 and 5.77days are observed just among these three regional cases. At the request of Member States, data on the daily number of new reported COVID-19 cases and deaths by EU/EEA country will be available to download from 11 March 2021. After the peak, the number of new cases per day remained nearly constant for months. Isolation, quarantine, social distancing and community containment: pivotal role for old-style public health measures in the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak|Journal of Travel Medicine | Oxford Academic. Singer, Robin N. Thompson & Michael B. Bonsall, Sheryl L. Chang, Nathan Harding, Mikhail Prokopenko, Anca Rdulescu, Cassandra Williams & Kieran Cavanagh, Troy McMahon, Adrian Chan, Lazaros K. Gallos, Scientific Reports J. Antimicrob. and JavaScript. 35, 369379 (2019). Start Free Trial SYSTEM OVERVIEW. However, after a series of measures adopted in NYC by the federal, state, and local governments, the specific growth rate of the epidemics fell to =0.119day1. The value of (XR), determinant of the progression of the infection among population, is shown as a red line. In general, a web page is not as reliable as a data file, since the structure of a web page is more complex and might change. Today, these three ingredients are reduced to a convectional laptop, very basic differential equation-solving skills, and access to a website with reliable online statistical information on epidemics. Figure2A shows the progression on the number of COVID-19 positive cases in different regions, namely Spain (mainly Madrid), Iran (mainly Tehran), Italy, and New York City (NYC). (1) and (2) is sufficient to describe the evolution of the number of asymptomatic individuals (A), symptomatic individuals (S), and deceased patients (D) through the specification of several constants and simple relations. The request library that we downloaded goes and gets a response, to get a request from the webpage, we use requests.get (website URL) method. We explored different values of for a fixed assumed value of delay_q (i.e., delay_q=4days) and found a set (progression) of that reasonably reproduces the progression of the first wave of COVID-19 in NYC during the first wave of the pandemic episode. Dis. If you find something abusive or that does not comply with our terms or guidelines please flag it as inappropriate. We have run different scenarios to validate the predictive capabilities of our epidemic model for COVID-19. We evaluated the effect of different degrees of social distancing on the shape of the epidemic curve for NYC to identify plausible ranges of to use in the NYC simulations (Supplementary Fig. Seroprevalence of antibodies to influenza A/H1N1/2009 among transmission risk groups after the second wave in Mexico, by a virus-free ELISA method. Yes. The simulation of the actual pandemic scenario is also shown (yellow-orange area). We conducted a series of simulations by varying the values of =0.5 to fit the actual data of cumulative number of reported cases of COVID-19 and the number of new cases per day. In general, the USA is one of the leading countries in terms of the number of PCR tests performed during the first semester of 2020, and NYC was the first epicenter of COVID-19 in America49,50. Modeling COVID-19 epidemics in an Excel spreadsheet to enable first-hand accurate predictions of the pandemic evolution in urban areas, $$dX/dt \, = \, \mu_{o} (1 - \sigma ) \, \left( {X - R} \right) \, \left( {P_{o} - X} \right)/P_{o} ,$$, $$dR/dt \, = \, \alpha \mathop \smallint \limits_{t = 0}^{t = t - delay\_q} dX/dt {+} \, (1 - \alpha )\mathop \smallint \limits_{t = 0}^{t = t - delay\_r} dX/dt.$$, $$\left( {1 - a} \right) \, dX/dt \, = \, dS/dt,$$, $$m \, \left[ {\left( {1 - a} \right) \, dX/dt \, } \right] \, = dD/dt.$$, $$\Delta {\text{X }} = \, \mu_{{\text{o}}} \left( {{1} - \sigma } \right) \, \left( {{\text{X}} - {\text{R}}} \right) \, \left( {{\text{P}}_{{\text{o}}} - {\text{X}}} \right)/{\text{P}}_{{\text{o}}} \Delta {\text{t,}}$$, $$\Delta {\text{R }} = \, \left\{ {\alpha \mathop \smallint \limits_{t = 0}^{t = t - delay\_q} dX/dt {+} \, ({1} - \alpha )\mathop \smallint \limits_{t = 0}^{t = t - delay\_r} dX/dt} \right\}\Delta {\text{t}}{. Hellewell, J. et al. One decade ago, during the influenza pandemics, mathematical modeling of epidemic events was the realm of privileged epidemiologists who had (a) a fast computer, (b) programing experience, and (c) and access to epidemiological data. We found that, adapting the model to a particular locality is straightforward and only requires (a) the declaration of the population of the urban area, and (b) the selection of a td value (time to doubling the name of infections) or o (initial infective rate); (ln 2=o td). This is remarkably important as it provides time for proper attention to patients with severe symptomatology9. (1) (o) is an intrinsic rate of infection that is weighted by the effective fractional reduction of social distancing on the population density (1). At the time of this writing, Mexico has conducted 23 tests per 1000 inhabitants. Demographic elements are directly integrated into the model (Po, total population). We provide data in both JSON and CSV format. Daily COVID-19 symptom screening checklist Page of Details Organisation Department Date Each day, before starting work/shift, use this checklist to screen for COVID-19 symptoms. We set (Po=8,350,000) and selected a value of o=0.655 (td=1.058) for the first week of this simulation. For this case as this is a public shareable link, I will be using the web connector to connect to the Google Sheet. Cauchemez, S., Hoze, N., Cousien, A., Nikolay, B. However, expressing the specific epidemic rate in terms of doubling time (td=Ln 2/) may be more practical and simpler to communicate and understand (Table 3). Int. 2) describes the rate at which infected patients are retrieved from the infective population. Video: A jab to fight Human papillomavirus (HPV) and save lives, Video on EpiPulse (European surveillance portal for infectious diseases), ECDC: On Air - podcast on European epidemiology, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) 2023, Data - COVID-19 vaccination in the EU/EEA, Data - national 14-day notification rate (cases and deaths), Data - hospital and ICU admission rates/ occupancy, Efficacy, effectiveness and safety of vaccines against COVID-19, Online reports containing data and other information on surveillance of COVID-19 in long-term care facilities, Online resources for prevention and control of COVID-19 in long-term care facilities, Surveillance data from public online national reports on COVID-19 in long-term care facilities, Directory: Guidance on prevention and control, Prevention and control of infections by microorganism, Containing unusual antimicrobial resistance, Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), Meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Central line-related bloodstream infection (CLABSI), Catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI), Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) and healthcare-associated pneumonia (HAP), Infections related to endoscopic procedures, Infection prevention and control in healthcare, Organisation of infection prevention and control, Infection prevention and control in primary care, Infection prevention and control in dentistry, Training courses on infection prevention and control (IPC), Training courses on antimicrobial stewardship, Training courses on the prevention of antimicrobial resistance, Learning courses on antibiotic resistance for the public, Strategies, action plans and European projects, Strategies and action plans on antimicrobial resistance, European projects on antimicrobial resistance and healthcare-associated infections, Healthcare-associated infections in acute care hospitals, Microorganisms and antimicrobial resistance in HAIs, Antimicrobial use by indication & specialty, Most frequently used antimicrobial agents, Healthcare-associated infections in long-term care facilities, Characteristics of LTCFs and representativeness of data sample, Antimicrobial use by indication & body site, Infections acquired in intensive care units, Preventive measures for infectious diseases, Questions and answers about childhood vaccination, Lets talk about protection: enhancing childhood vaccination uptake, Monitoring infectious diseases among migrants, Reverse identification key for mosquito species, Personal protective measures against tick bites, Surveillance Atlas of Infectious Diseases, EpiPulse - the European surveillance portal for infectious diseases, Antimicrobial consumption dashboard (ESAC-Net), Data on mpox (monkeypox) cases in the EU/EEA, GUIDANCE for public health policy and practice, RISK ASSESSMENT of infectious disease threats, Introduction to Annual Epidemiological Report, Mpox (formerly named monkeypox) situation update, Ebola outbreak in Uganda, as of 11 January 2023, The work of graduated fellows 2020 cohort, Archive: Work of graduated fellows 2011-2019, Preparedness, prevention and control tools, EU/EEA routine surveillance open data policy, Epidemic intelligence and outbreak response, European Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Network (EARS-Net), European COVID-19 surveillance network (ECOVID-Net), European COVID-19 reference laboratory network (ECOVID-LabNet), Emerging Viral Diseases-Expert Laboratory Network (EVD-LabNet), European Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Surveillance Network (EuroCJD), European Diphtheria Surveillance Network (EDSN), European Food- and Waterborne Diseases and Zoonoses Network (FWD-Net), European Gonococcal Antimicrobial Surveillance Programme (Euro-GASP), European Influenza Surveillance Network (EISN), European Invasive Bacterial Disease Surveillance Network (EU-IBD), European Legionnaires Disease Surveillance Network (ELDSNet), European Network for Hepatitis B and C Surveillance, European Network for HIV/AIDS Surveillance, European Reference Laboratory Network for Human Influenza (ERLI-Net), European Reference Laboratory Network for TB (ERLTB-Net), European Tuberculosis Surveillance Network, European Surveillance of Antimicrobial Consumption Network (ESAC-Net), Healthcare-associated Infections Surveillance Network (HAI-Net), European network for sharing data on the geographic distribution of arthropod vectors, transmitting human and animal disease agents (VectorNet), European Antimicrobial Resistance Genes Surveillance Network (EURGen-Net), National Immunisation Technical Advisory Groups (NITAG) collaboration, Support for countries neighbouring Ukraine, EU for health security in Africa: ECDC for Africa CDC, Technical cooperation with Western Balkans and Trkiye, Information on ECDC's recruitment procedure, Selection committees for ongoing recruitments, Fellowship Programme (with EPIET and EUPHEM paths), Food- and Waterborne Diseases Expert Exchange Programme. volkswagen commercial actor, similarities between american cities and european cities,

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