After escaping Hydra's tight grasp, the dangerous female assassin was left with nothing. (Thank you for your help, gentlemen. He'd have to ask his father if he could visit York soon. I've had to clean my room and hair that takes fucking time. mix. There was, of course May, Tony knew that he spoke German, Black Widow and Hawkeye knew about the Russian and Hyun-Ki along with Mee knew about Peter knowing Korean. Tony said, putting a hand out. So shut the fuck up and leave my dad alone!" Peppermint is known to repel spiders, and can be lethal in large quantities., In which Peter gives Tony and the gang a rather festive health scare on Christmas Eve. it may just force this dysfunctional group of people to become a family again. But he has his hands full as Spider-Man with a gang spreading fear in the streets of New York, putting civilians at risk and bankrupting the city. Be Sure To Taste Your Words Before You Spit Them Out, A Lover First, A Soldier Second, A Man Third (Part 1), A Lover First, A Soldier Second, A Man Third (Part 2), Be Sure To Taste Your Words Before You Spit Them Out (Part 2), Spiderman/Peter Parker (and Avengers) One Shots. so hey, even if you just type the letter z eight times, i would love it if you posted a comment for me. and yes I'm writing a Peter Parker Fieldtrip to Stark Industries fic in 2022, what are you gonna do about it? He couldn't wait so he could go to Mr.Stark's lab to update his suit as they had agreed. His ears caught the sound of something skittering and his heart skipped a beat. Peter woke up and forgot for a few minutes. Peter Parker is Queens, born and raised. No matter what anyone said to him, he felt responsible for what happened to Peter. The Avengers would watch as the two walked around with intertwined hands and loving looks in their eyes directed at one another when they thought that no one was looking. Peter has had his powers for several years now. He saw the cars driving the wrong way, a city instead of a small busy neighborhood and it dawned on him that he was no longer in York, but in New York City with his Aunt and his new father. Helen would be flying out on the 27th to check on Peter in person, but as far as operating on someone whos halfway across the world goes, tonight was a success. He is more of a hero then you ever were or ever will be. Five times Peter introduced himself to someone at Avengers Compound, and one time a visitor already knew exactly who he was. He trusted her with his identity, and she trusted him with a few secrets. One of them was looking around wildly, searching for a way out but found nothing. Said Tony.Peter gave a sigh and looked at May. Throat hurts. He replied weakly. And thats the story of how Peter almost died on Christmas Eve. As Pepper went about preparations for that evenings turkey dinner and Tony began moving the golden brown cookies from the baking sheet to the cooling rack, all he could think about was how happy he was in this moment. I didnt know you were so bad at baking, Mr. Stark. Peter giggled as Rhodey went on about the time Tony had tried baking a cake for Rhodeys birthday years ago. tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos, "A lot of fucked up shit has happened involving Peter Parker and his identity, but never in his life has his secret identity been in the hands of a crazed mass murdered. Bucky raises his eyebrows. He's an orphan with an iq higher than mine and Bruce's, so he's my personal intern. Sometimes hell sit down and learn a new skill for fun (like when he learned how to play the bagpipes), out of necessity (when he built his mini arc reactor, in a cave no less) out of spite (when he created a new freaking element), or just because (when he mastered thermonuclear astrophysics in one night. To this, the Avengers just looked confused. He was now in his last class, chemistry, which was his favorite. ALSO this is heavily inspired by the book what if its us 100% recommend. "Guess what!" 25 "Geez kid." Tony rolled out from under his car, rubbing his head. asked Natasha. I promise, kid. Tony whispered. "Who are you?" Maybe theyll use them, maybe they wont. While Ant-Man and Wasp would've been nice, it's understandable that they didn't want have too big of a cast. His dad was on one side of the table, Rhodey and Vision on either side of him. Youre gonna be okay, Pete. It was from Mr Stark and only said a few words 'Spidey's needed'. Tony gently rested his other hand on top of Peters, trying his best to hide the fear on his face. Tony kissed his hand and planted it onto Peters forehead quickly before Bruce sealed the Cradle shut. It's almost funny, my colleagues are Barend and Claudius, and we're your worst nightmare. Bruce was by their sides now as well, all three turning their attention to Peter. asked Clint with a smug look out of Peters grip and rubbing his head. "Peter said now gaining his normal british accent." Fascinating. Helen whispered. He didnt really have to, but he made a. first impression on Bruce because of it). A chance to do it all over again. I.. I-I dont.. Im Peter tried. "No actually. Es ist fast lustig, meine Kollegen sind Barend und Claudius, und wir sind Ihr schlimmster Albtraum." As he did, he noticed how raw and red the palms of his hands were, like they had been badly burned. A timer chimed and Tony stood to pull a sheet of cookies out of the oven. Both alone that was until you found each other. About the opportunity, not the 'his hometown' part. All character rights to Marvel, In this one shot Peter is British but no one knows except May.Peter Parker was anxious to go home. Peter.. And they actually wanted things to get better. What about Christmas? Peter asked. Three days before the breaking of the Avengers begins. Clint then saw him and his grin was now a frown not getting at what he was laughing about. Then it started raining and he forgot his umbrella. WHAT THE FUCK PETER! No name, no memory of her life before Hydra, no friends, and no home. Tony did his best to ignore the feeling of vomit sliding down his back as he followed Rhodey and Bruce to the med bay, comforting Peter the whole way there. Peter shrugged at him. Tony, Rhodey, Bruce, and Pepper spent the early hours of Christmas morning waiting at Peters bedside for him to wake up after his six hour procedure. "It's Peter." Then he started dating Mj. Part 5 of Irondad and his Spiderling. Right now you just get some more rest. And so he did. Peter used his powers to run to Tony's lab in under a minute. The Rouge Avengers are Back in the Tower :D Peter isn't quite sure how to feel at first. He lives with me, and I drive him to his Aunts occasionally when the driver is busy. His salivas bloody and hes got blood in his stomach, too. Tony wanted to grab Peters hand and hold it, squeeze it, let him know hed be alright, but he stopped when he remembered how burned they were. How much pain is he in? At that moment, Peter let out a loud, strangled cry, his breaths now wheezing. Friday gave him the directions and Peter followed them, texting Mj on the way. He opted instead for pulling Peter close to his chest, and scooping him up with one arm, securing his head and neck with his other, as if he was carrying a small child. how do you say fuck in italian? That night, Tony learned another of many lessons about his Spider-Kid the hard way; Peter Parker and peppermint Helen, we need to act fast. Bruce urged. He lived with them until he was ten, then his parents were killed in a targeted plane bombing. Then of course there were the businessmenfrom Germany, but Peter doubted he'd see them again, especially not after he humiliated them. The Compound kitchen had gone from the baking zone to the cooking zone, as Pepper, now joined by Bruce, prepared the various dishes for their Christmas dinner. Peter had his jaw to the floor, the COMPOUND!!!!! The Avengers have been a rotating cast, the only real mainstays are Thor/Cap/Iron Man. Osborns got all of Oscorp-- while, again, it doesnt compare to Stark Industries, its got something to it that just freaks Peter out. "Happy please do not tell Mr. Stark. The meeting is not of an important enough time scale that you are not allowed in, so go ahead in." Everyone in the room felt they could breathe a little bit easier knowing that Peter was okay. Peter gets his internship and everything is great even if he has and abusive uncle and all but thats totally not irrelevant. He looked over at Tony, pretending to be upset. And lucky for him, hes always learning something new about Peter Parker. It looks like its burning through his hands, mouth, throat, and stomach. Bruce explained. I am not a charity case because Mr. Stark is not the kind of person to adopt a son because he's sad one of his best friends tried to fucking murder him. When Violet gets into some trouble and is "rescued" by some passing Avengers, she's taken to Stark Tower, and promptly introduced to the gang. ", ------------------------------------------. . Rhodey tried pulling Tony away as he looked up to the ceiling. Idea that was based on a fanfic. I'll add warnings for anything that goes above something that you'd see in the movies, if anyone thinks I should add a trigger warning just let me know! Theyd long since thrown out all the cookies they had baked, Rhodey couldnt stand the smell of them after what they had done to Peter. Just a way that he really needs to find out what the fuck goes on in there. (REQUESTED PART TWO), THE SPIDERVERSE: HUNTING SPIDER (REQUEST), THE LIFE OF PETER PARKER THE INTERN (HE'S ALSO SPIDER-MAN BUT HUSH), PETER BEING MULTILINGUAL (REQUESTED PART TWO). First Clint dumped a bucket of glitter on him to wake up. He justhadto tell Mr. Stark. The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Marvel Cinematic Universe Relationships: Peter Parker & Tony Stark Peter Parker & James "Rhodey" Rhodes Bruce Banner & Peter Parker Pepper Potts/Tony Stark James "Rhodey" Rhodes & Tony Stark Bruce Banner & Tony Stark Peter Parker & Pepper Potts Bruce Banner & James "Rhodey" Rhodes Characters: While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Natasha rose an eyebrow at the duo, recognising their sarcasm. (Prequel to Curbside Pick-up - can be read in either order)(Edit: now also a 10 2 story; apparently I made these shenanigans too popular for my own good!) OR Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the Island of the Misfit Toys. "Welp, guess he said it all. Meanwhile Peter Parker was having literally the worst day ever. Then, they returned to England with his parents and was declared a citizen of England. Yo que mierda te hice.Nada pero noo tu vienes y haces esta idiotez.Mira te lo advierto un chistesito mas y voy y te rompo todos tus arcos y flechas, pinto tu cuarto morado y con plumas y luego te prohibo entrar en la ventilacion. I didnt know you were so bad at baking, Mr. Stark. Peter giggled as Rhodey went on about the time Tony had tried baking a cake for Rhodeys birthday years ago. asked a confused Steve. " Bruce shifted uncomfortably before spitting the words out. He dropped both transporters off and explained the mechanics of them before heading back to his own dimension. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (9), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types (8), Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure (12), Is that still a thing people say? Youve still got loads of time to sleep, kid. Tony told him. He would rather see sincerity than a righteous script.-Tony needs to give a speech but is incapacitated. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. Peter grinned and shot a few webs, sticking the murderers feet to the floor to ensure they couldn't run, not that they'd get far. Also to be careful speaking another language around him since he could understand. He groaned, his voice weak, as his eyes slowly opened. He splashed into a shallow part of the ocean, only a bit far off of the land. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. Academic Decathlon Team (Spider-Man: Homecoming) & Peter Parker, Academic Decathlon Team (Spider-Man: Homecoming), Peter Parker is the heir to Stark Industries, Peter Parker & Peter Parker & Peter Parker, There was only one of you until you split the world in two, Pepper Potts Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure. Baking. He was tapping his shoe and glancing at the clock being impatient. The more they meet the more they flirt as he realizes she's a vigilante, until her capture. Tony felt responsible too. Peter is determined to do whatever it takes to stop them, even if that means going in over his head when the web of lies and greed turns out to be way more than he signed up for. "Peter? Peter opened the door and walked groggily to the kitchen to eat some breakfast. Mira marica que mierda te pasa.Hoy he tenido un mal dia y tu vienes y me lo empeoras. Get back to work, Tony. A mischievous magic user taunts SHIELD until they send Captain America after her. Bruce, taking the hint, conceded. Howre you feeling? Peter took a moment to consider the question before answering. Nothing sailed overhead. Peter then grabbed his slipper, hit Clint one more time, pulled his ear, and stormed off to Clint's room. Bruce? Helens voice came through the ceiling. The only reason he got this opportunity was because he had the best grades in the school and the school would be paying for his plane tickets and hotel. Ese Hijo de puta se las va a ver conmigo.= That son of a bitch is going to see it, 2. The reaction seems to be in response to peppermint, boss. Friday supplied. Peter is a Little Shit. Hed come out of war disenchanted by the horrors and pain it brought. "Not to rude or anything but, WHY ARE WE GOING TO THE COMPOUND. -----------time skip brought by the sister squad-----------. Its not your fault. Rhodey nodded, taking a slow breath. After the incident with Doctor Octopus, things finally seem like its going to get better. "Well, looks like Stark found a little charity case to take care of while we were out." 52.2K. Confused looks were shared around Peter. "Ah, ah, ah!" Peter was walking around town when he got a message, interrupting the music he was blasting into his ears through his earbuds. Peter meets Harley for the first time and doesnt know how to react, so he curses out Tony in Italian. "Peter.. stand down." You know I wouldnt be doing this if I didnt think youd come out okay. Peters eyes darted across Tonys face for a few seconds more before he tore his hand off of Tonys wrist. Unfortunately, the two of you are interrupted, but Peter will more than make up for it later. Pepper walked into the room drying her hands with a towel. Hm? Peter's eyes drifted from Tonys form to Harleys, finally noticing the blonde boy. Then he lost his first American friend, Harry. The one skill hes never quite been able to master. Peter wakes up in the compound medbay after his fight with Toomes goes just slightly worse than it did in canon. I had no idea you would react that way to the peppermint oil, I He took a sharp breath. He was born in Queens, when his parents were visiting Ben and May. Christmas dinner had long since been forgotten, no one having much of an appetite after what had just conspired. A voice said from behind them. The Cradle can repair and print new tissue for his hands, no problem. She started. The one skill hes never quite been able to master. "Since aunt May is Italian I know both Italian and Spanish and I also know French and Russian from learning in my free time," said Peter. "But what's up with your accent?". Work Search: They made eye contact. "Vielen Dank fr Ihre Hilfe, meine Herren. Tony immediately regretted letting go of his kid, both his hands pressing hard against the thick glass of the machine. Soon Peter screamed,"Barton te adverti ahora te vas al carajo y voy a cumplir mi promesa.". Peter Parker's Field Trip to Stark Industries. The man laughed coldly "Aloysius, du bist verdammt zurckgeblieben, aber das kannst du nicht verstehen. Hi kid, first it's Tony not Mr.Stark, it makes me feel old and second, can someone explain to me what was that?" Hydra agent 'Spider' is sent out on a mission to retrieve blueprints from Avengers Tower. Tony was too anxious to wash Peters flesh off of his arm, worried it was the last thing he would have of Peter, but after about an hour the smell became too much to bare. Peter, unphased, dropped down his notebook and began shuffling papers on his table. Avengers (more than) Family PTSD Peter Parker Peter's spider sense is dangerous to him toxic Peter can't control it Peter has severe anxiety problems Peter has sever sensory overloads Also RATINGS MIGHT CHANGE Really understand that this is basically the Avengers being fuckbuddies with peter Unfortunately discontinued Bruce would get up every so often to check on Peters vitals and take notes on his condition for Helen, and Rhodey couldnt stop pacing back and forth. By the end, Peter had entirely let go of his New York accent, as normally happens when he's overly angry or upset. Peter didnt know a lot about why his parents split up. Technically. How had things turned so quickly? Everyone knew that Spider-Man was young, somewhere in his teens or early twenties. A following message sent him the coordinates he was supposed to go to. The only reason I have so far for the rating is the fight scenes and mental health problems, basically it's about the same level of each as canon is. Everything is good. He tried to speak, but the sound he made came out as a strangled gurgle and a desperate whine. May, I'm home!" as he did so. Bad Hands too. Bruce scribbled something down quickly on his clipboard, as Rhodey wiped a tear from his eye. Tony sat closer to Peters bed, carefully grabbing one of his bandaged hands. There was a law that forbid mutants from having human soulmates and Charlie knew she would never meet hers. Then my uncle was killed, bled out in my arms. The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Spider-Man (Tom Holland Movies) Iron Man (Movies) Relationship: Peter Parker & Tony Stark Characters: Peter Parker Tony Stark Nick Fury James "Rhodey" Rhodes Phil Coulson Natasha Romanov (Marvel) Clint Barton Steve Rogers Bruce Banner DUM-E (mentioned) JARVIS (mentioned) Additional Tags:

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