McNulty came up under the guidance of Bunny Colvin, a western district Major, who often refers to McNulty as Bushytop for McNultys wavy or curly locks of hair. Cole died unexpectedly and the department held a wake for him. Walker chases him into an alley, where Michael and Namond are waiting for him. Detectives often fall asleep in the office (or on stakeout) because of the overtime demands and have at times worked double and triple shifts as they have dealt with multiple murders. Freamon is a quiet and methodical veteran detective who makes major contributions to the unit's investigations. When Carcetti replaced Royce he immediately began looking to depose Burrell. Valchek is the Deputy Commissioner of Administration. The IID, homicide unit, and narcotics unit are each led by a Major. [9], When Omar is arrested he manages to convince Bunk Moreland he is innocent and Bunk asks Crutchfield and Holley to re-open the case. He returned to the Major Crimes Unit as a newly promoted sergeant. His grudge against Frank Sobotka led to the formation of a specialised detail which became the Major Crimes Unit. Colvin then helped create a "dunker" case having his suspect turned in after threatening the drug dealers in the "free zone". New York City, New York, USA Mello was personally opposed to this statistical posturing, claiming that while the troops were increasing the minor infraction arrests, they were locking up the neighborhood people in the process. Cantrell and Daniels are both candidates for the next post of major, and because of Daniels' insubordination while conducting the Barksdale investigation, Cantrell receives the promotion at the end of the first season. Freamon is a methodical and competent homicide detective who was exiled to the Pawn Shop Unit for thirteen years (and four months) for angering the then-Deputy of Operations. He was dumped from homicide by Major Rawls for refusal to act as an insider in on Rawls' behalf. He appears recurringly as Western District Administrative Lieutenant turned Major Dennis Mello. Rawls had him transferred out of homicide at the end of season one, although he did return in Season Five. He attended Rawls' weekly comstat meetings and worked with Sergeant Jay Landsman in running the homicide division. 2023 TV GUIDE, A FANDOM COMPANY. Kenneth Dozerman is a plainclothes cop in the Western District. . Star Trek Picard season 3 is bringing back TNG's cast, and Worf (Michael Dorn) is the best of them as he pals around with Raffi, Jack (Ed Speleers), and more in the new episodes. In the ninth episode of the fifth season, Polk makes a small cameo, as the officer running the evidence control locker in one of the precincts. Crutchfield buys Monell, another involved party, a McDonald's meal and parades the boy in front of Bunk's interrogation room to lead Bunk's suspect to believe that his friend had turned against him. It is Colicchio who inspires the name Hamsterdam, after citing Amsterdam's liberal drug laws as a metaphor for Colvin's new policies. He was also at the Brandon Wright crime scene. Norris is a homicide detective who has been in the unit for 15 years since 1991 according to Season 4. Like the real department described in David Simon's Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets, the unit uses a red-black system of tracking cases where red is the color for an open/not cleared case and black is the color for a closed/cleared case. Reed then intervenes when the Barksdale detail stop State Senator Davis' driver (who received a bag full of cash from a Barksdale soldier) and again when Daniels tries to withhold the location of a Barksdale stash house to protect his investigation. Henry Cole 50, John W Slmw 50 j James C Bean 60, Charles Berness 50, Zadoc Mitchell 5o, Austin Frazier 50, Charles B Jones 5o, Stephen B . This is used most prominently in the third season, where Bunk is shown cutting Crutchfield's tie, and later Crutchfield gets to repay the favor. But he has a natural energy and raw anger that are in perfect . See which of your favorite stars are trending now. His cameo appearances are a source of irony on the show, and he is often given dialogue bemoaning the state of the Baltimore police department. He is generally regarded as a "hump", since he has not made a single case in property crimes over their last ten years. With Daniels' promotion to C.I.D. Dozerman joins him. Colvin was the veteran Major and District commander who was forced out of the department due to his "Hamsterdam" experiment that de-criminalized drugs, despite this causing a reduction in felonies. Worden is a former Baltimore Police Department homicide detective featured in David Simon's Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets who appears as a midnight shift homicide detective in season five. She tells him she was actually happy for him that he found Beadie and that he was really turning his life around. Marimow accurately suspects Herc of lying to him about the source of his information. Kima acquiesces for a time but eventually returns to investigative work in season 2. Presumably this is to avoid confusion and make the relationships between different members of the hierarchy clearer to the viewer. Rawls is Caucasian, and Mayor Tommy Carcetti is unwilling to attempt a permanent promotion fearing that it would not be acceptable to the politically influential and largely Black ministers. They recognized a connection to the recent murder of Omars crew member John Bailey because both corpses were found in Kevlar vests. Colicchio is also present for the arrest of Omar Little on a murder warrant, relishing finally bringing in the legendary criminal. 2023 TV GUIDE, A FANDOM COMPANY. Elena was Jimmy McNulty's wife. Homicide Unit Detective, BPD When Bunk Moreland wants to re-examine the case, Crutchfield displays his anger over Bunk wanting to reverse one of his clearances. When he encounters former Barksdale detail members McNulty and Kima Greggs, Santangelo mentions that he is happy at being a patrolman as his job is easier: he is no longer a detective, he no longer deals with difficult commanders like Rawls and still takes home the same pay and pension contributions. He was the primary detective at the murder that took place in Major Colvin's "free zone" and withheld the investigation at Colvin's request. McNulty was a former beat officer who became a detective. Reed is a Major in the Baltimore Police Department and commands the Internal Investigations Division. Baker is a rookie patrolman assigned with Castor to the Western District under the command of Bunny Colvin in Season three. Cheryl jealously insists on accompanying Kima when she goes to interview a contact in a strip club. They are divorced and have two sons, Sean and Michael. He is eventually promoted to Police Commissioner, but resigns to practice law. Major who appears as a patrolman in Season 4 who encounters mayoral candidate Tommy Carcetti. He left the detail in season 2 for a drug enforcement unit sergeant posting in the Western District. In season 4, Truck appeared briefly at a useless lesson for Western police on counter-terrorism, and once while assisting Herc and Carver. In season five Crutchfield remains with Sergeant Jay Landsman's homicide squad. Elena is angered by Jimmy due to catching him in bed with another woman. See Edward Norris full list of movies and tv shows from their career. Many of these officers were either commanders of the department or featured officers in the David Simon's books of The Corner and Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets. References Categories Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. He served as police commissioner for Baltimore from 2000 to late 2002. The Peabody-winning series was created by David Simon ('The Corner'), whose richly layered plotlines focused on the city's illegal drug trade in the first season before expanding in scope for the second to include corruption on the waterfront. The Wire Re-up: The Guardian Guide . Norris served as Police Commissioner for Baltimore from 2000 to late 2002 and Superintendent of the Maryland State Police in 2003. The political motivation has been alleged to be in furtherance of DiBiagio's own career, and in retribution for Norris's testimony before the 9/11 Commission. Episode count In season 3, he is part of Carver's Drug Enforcement Unit squad. Norris has alleged political motivation behind the charges brought by DiBiagio. Mello was once again given command of the Western district after Daniels' promotion to C.I.D. He was transferred to the Barksdale detail in Season One, later returning twice to the Homicide unit. Initially appointed as an Acting Commissioner, Burrell negotiated for a permanent posting with the Royce administration. Norris secures an informant for the witness murder, but his attempt to break the story right before the election leads to him and Greggs being sent off to a security detail at a polling station for the day. Mello ran briefings for the Western district at roll call maintaining a sense of humor, typically dismissing the men with "don't get captured" and jokingly referring to them as "humps" and "mopes". The two tried to convince Officer McNulty to take a position in their operations unit. Barlow appears later in the series with open murders of homeless men that McNulty ties into his fabricated serial killer. In a brief appearance in the fourth season, he says he wants to be a video game designer. For a full character description see Western District section, below. He first appears assisting Bunk and Norris on a "polygraph-by-copier" where an idiotic suspect confesses to a homicide. [7] Later, Castor is the first officer attending the triple homicide of Junebug and his wife and associate, investigated by Detective Kima Greggs. Mello was worried, but did not report Colvin's actions to his superiors. Following the shooting of detective Kima Greggs, Holley tracks down Bubbles paging her from a payphone. Freamon is a methodical detective who was very skilled at homicide investigations but was once kicked out of the unit for angering the Deputy of Operations. Seasons Cheryl is Kima Greggs' live-in partner; she works in the television news industry and often worries about Kima's safety as a police officer. Polk opted for sick leave and is off until the case is closed. Landsman is a squad sergeant in the homicide unit who must divide his loyalties between his men and his superiors. Many of these officers were either commanders of the department or featured officers in the David Simon's books of The Corner and Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets. Later he steals bootleg DVDs from Bubbles, after Bubbles attempted to report a robbery. However, in the series, any mention of the ranks of Chief, Lieutenant Colonel, and Captain are omitted. Walker's attitude earns him the respect of more zealous officers and the disdain of others, such as Jimmy McNulty. Det. He left the Baltimore Police Department in December 2002 in a flurry of media speculation about acrimony between Norris and staffers in the O'Malley administration. 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Name Colicchio's method of policing supports the Broken Windows Theory. Brown's character is the same Baltimore police officer also called Bob Brown, played by the same featured in David Simon's miniseries, The Corner. Edward Norris was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. He first appears with partner Ed Norris and catches the case of the murder of Omar Little's boyfriend Brandon. The information would jeopardize the wiretap so they promised they would give it to Cole when the case closed. Santangelo took a post driving the narcotics wagon in the Western District. In season 2, Cheryl becomes pregnant by artificial insemination, and in season 3, the couple has a baby boy. Off. Norris and his squad mate Vernon Holley first appeared assigned to the case of the murder of Omar Little's boyfriend Brandon. They later found Bubbles hanging himself. A former Baltimore Police Department Sergeant who was featured homicide unit sergeant in David Simon's Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets. He attended the wake of his colleague Ray Cole. [2], He remains a patrolman in the Western District in season four, when McNulty transfers in alongside him. [2], With his overzealous attitude, Colicchio is delighted to participate in the arrest hike ordered by Commissioner Burrell to appease the city's politicians. He and Castor are both forced by Colvin to carry a compass until they can correctly identify the north direction. When Major Valchek complains about the unit being full of humps, Daniels is put in command and Polk is moved back to property. Colicchio takes part in Lieutenant Marimow's failed raids in the Western district. When Walker exits a club late one night, Dukie runs down the sidewalk keying cars. He was with Herc when he phoned the paper to report Colvin's actions and again when he met with a reporter.[2]. Crutchfield is a detective in the homicide unit whose name is mentioned earlier in the series but who does not appear on screen until season three. Find where to watch Ed Norris's latest movies and tv shows . Later he was responsible for the autopsies of fourteen unidentified women found at the Baltimore docks. Crutchfield is later assigned along with Kima Greggs to Chris Partlow and Snoop's triple murder of Junebug, Junebug's partner, and bodyguard. The show broadcasts from 3:00pm to 6:00PM Eastern Time. He also played an investigator in the 2009 film, "Jack the Ripper in . Norris is currently the host of the popular Ed Norris Show on WHFS 105.7FM in Baltimore, Maryland. Perry Mason. Norris remains with the homicide unit in season four when he is the lead investigator in the politically important murder of a state's witness. [2][13], The character is named after a real-life Captain Dennis Mello, who was the Western District commander when Ed Burns was an officer.[14]. Years active He is a direct commanding officer of many of the show's characters in earlier seasons. Last episode The Wire. Additionally similar slang such as "dunkers" (easy cases), "whodunits" (difficult cases), and "redball" (media attention gaining cases) are used to describe the various cases. Norris also investigated the death of Sherrod who died by tainted drugs. Norris continues to have an acrimonious relationship with members of the O'Malley administration. Dozerman was a friend of Carver and Herc in the DEU that moved into the Major Crimes Unit in season 4. Menu. He is the arresting officer for Omar Little, stealing a ring from him in the process. This case was also solved when Roland Brice confessed to the shooting. Claiming that half of his officers felt the same way, he then asked who they were doing this for as the election was over. [2] In Season 5, Truck appears with the Western District officers who are frustrated by the lack of overtime pay due to city cutbacks. Victims who are not associated with the drug trade or other crime are often referred to as "taxpayers". His unit's staffing problems are relieved when Sergeant Herc Hauk transfers back. The shooter also steals Dozerman's service weapon and Bunk Moreland is ordered to locate it. Along with his counterpart Polk, his name is a reference to the Irish phrase "pg mo thin" ("pogue mahone"), or "kiss my arse". She is also protective of her sons and worries that Jimmy is a dangerous influence on them because of his drinking. In the first season Reed investigates the brutality charges made against Roland "Prez" Pryzbylewski for blinding a teenager in one eye. Rawls orders him either to solve one of his open cases, all of which are difficult cases, inform on McNulty or leave the Homicide Unit altogether. Lambert is a Black narcotics officer in Sergeant Ellis Carver's Drug Enforcement Unit in the Western District of the Baltimore Police Department, often seen with fellow squad members Herc, Anthony Colicchio, and Lloyd "Truck" Garrick. The two were also regarded as a pair of drunks who were incapable of driving soberly. Crutchfield helps Bunk to manipulate a confession from DeShawn Williams. [3] Landsman announced the Colonel's death to the homicide unit, stating that he served 39 years in the department without leaving a trace of bitterness or hatred with any officers, a miraculous career by BPD standards. Norris started his acting career landing roles in such films as the Rochelle Hudson crime flick "Show Them No Mercy" (1935), "The Wagon Trail" (1935) and the drama "The Magnificent Brute" (1936) with Victor McLaglen. " ED NORRIS HAS LIVED A ROLLER-COASTER LIFE FROM AMERICAN HERO WHO LED THE CHARGE AGAINST ENTRENCHED CRIME TO SCAPEGOAT FOR THE POLITICAL AMBITIONS OF OTHERS. He was put under intense pressure to keep the murder rate down.[2]. Walter Cantrell is a major and the Southern District commander. He is briefly taken off the case and replaced with Greggs, now a rookie in the squad, in order to slow progress because of pressure from the Mayor. He is punched by Bodie Broadus, a young drug dealer, when the detail raid the low rise projects. Valchek was previously the Southeastern District commander. A Baltimore Police Department homicide detective featured prominently in David Simon's 'Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets'.

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