why did boblo island close. Both vessels are bound for Boblo Island. Plant life around the old Space Needle observation tower. Visiters to the marina can visit the small gallery of photographs and paintings of water scenes or rent bikes to explore the island (although what appeared to be the bike rental building was closed on this July Saturday, so perhaps not). You can find the Boblo Island Beach House restaurant on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BobloIslandMarina Also the Boblo Island Marina: https://www.facebook.com/BobloIslandMarina You may be able to get the information you need by writing to: BOBLOMARINA@BOBLO.CA You may want to mention youre coming from the States; I dont know the protocol for private boats crossing the international border in the river to dock. I just would like to see whats there and for my family to share it with me. Or for the Lavatory building next to it, built to match the other stone buildings on the island. Locate and compare 4423631-Canada-Inc in Colchester Country ON, Yellow Pages Local Listings. Several Detroit organizations held annual picnics on the island. The name 'Boblo' came back recently after a massive fire destroyed an iconic ferry that used to take people to and from the now closed island amusement park. Detroit Publishing Co via the Library of Congress, This appears to be the SS Columbia Boblo Boat, which was built in 1902, Ferry dock on Boblo Island - between 1890 and 1901. Bois Blanc Island was where Shawnee Chief Tecumseh, a Native American warrior, decided to place his headquarters during the War of 1812. These steamers are the oldest passenger steamers in the United States of America, currently anchored at the Great Lakes Steel Dock in Ecorse, Michigan. The place is oozing history. What Occupation Did The Boblo Boat Workers Have? This is the inside of the 1,250 square foot tri-plex home. The park opened in 1898 and closed its doors for good on September 30th,1993 as a result of poor management, rising maintenance costs and declining attendance thanks to more attractive parks in the region like Cedar Point. Author: Michael R Stoller Jr CC BY-ND 2.0 Though not all is lost. I agree. Here's what we saw as we recently explored the amusement park area. To move visitors around the island, the park had a small railroad. View TODAY's New Listings by beds, baths, lot size, listing status, days on market, & more! Did you work on both the SS Ste. In 1993, after nearly 100 years in the business of entertainment, it was decided that the park was to be closed. A tri-plex home. It was a terrible idea to put a roller coaster in there. British troops captured 60 of the attackers and built three log blockhouses to defend the island. By their very nature, amusement parks are places of fun, relaxation, excitement, and recreation. This is private property and the doors are chain locked. My twin daughters, now 35, remember, but my son, 28, will never know. . Enjoy The island is about 2.5 miles long, 0.5 mile wide and 272 acres in size. [2], Though it was not looking for a buyer, the Michigan AAA sold Boblo Island in 1988 to the International Broadcasting Corporation, a Minneapolis-based concern that owned the Harlem Globetrotters and Ice Capades. I wouldnt identify the owners in this suburban retreat as millionaires, but the island has been many things to many people over the centuries: the Ojibwe, the Ottawa, the Potawatomi, and the Wyandot all used the island before it was christened Bois Blanc. Later it was: a camp for European explorers, the site of a French Catholic mission, within reach of a British fort, headquarters for the Shawnee chief Tecumseh during the War of 1812, an invasion site for Canadian patriots during the Upper Canada Rebellion, and more recently, a picnic spot and a dance venue, all before the rise and decline of the amusement park. Bob-Lo Island Beach House Restaurant Visiters to the marina can visit the small gallery of photographs and paintings of water scenes or rent bikes to explore the island (although what appeared to be the bike rental building was closed on this July Saturday, so perhaps not). . why did boblo island close. It is not fair that these people can just take away the little bit of history we have left just so they can watch their bank accounts rise. [5] The boats were sold off as a result of a decision to shutter operations at the Detroit dock. We also traveled from past to the present on the island, which was a must-visit destination for families for decades. [Meta] Sticky Comment. Plants and overgrown grass fill the dirt paths near the Space Needle. Boblo Island looks much different today, and if developers reach their goals, it will be almost unrecognizable to past thrill-seekers The only other way to get to the island is to dock a private boat. Now surrounded by tall grass and weeds, the park's historic entertainment theater remains near the center of the island. We live on the east shore of Grosse Ile, we would love to take our boat to eat at the restaurant. Yes, I list http://www.boblo.ca as a source where one can get more information in my book Great Lakes Island Escapes: Ferries and Bridges to Adventure (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2016). Second case of COVID-19 confirmed in Windsor-Essex City of Windsor declares state of emergency, Devonshire and Tecumseh malls to close Boblo Island residential development plan moving forward. Beginning in 1952, Joe Short, a man of diminutive physical stature, was employed as 'Captain Boblo', and traveled on the boats entertaining passengers of all ages. Parts of that tower still stand. Residents of the small community live among acres and acres of nature, just steps from water. By Edward Pevos of MLive - epevos@MLive.com. Boblo Island is preparing to greet more than 200 new residents with construction soon to begin and new roads in the south end of the island recently completed . Each year the largest gathering was sponsored by the St. Andrew's Society of Detroit, which would often draw more than 10,000 visitors to their Scottish Games. Its amusement rides were sold in 1994. Between my concerns for the submerged rocks of the river and the mortar of history I was climbing over, I thought, what a wonderful place this island would be to explore if you were a kid or teenager and what a nightmare it poses for parents or grandparents of those explorers! A retreat for the wealthy, amidst dilapidated remnants of history and ghosts of the past, with nature ever encroaching. At the end of the turbulent 75 minutes, Boblo Boats brings us up-to-date on restoration efforts for both ferries while simultaneously summoning an unanticipated moral force. When I was riding my bike on a trail that runs through the middle of the island, I came upon a T-intersection buried amidst tall, tall grass, with the Carousel Building on my left and the Powerhouse on my right. (LogOut/ Families need to be brought back together and enjoy their children once again. Save. In 1991, the two Boblo boats were sold and smaller ferries took people from Gibraltar, MI., to the island, as well as to and from Amherstburg, Ontario. The cars operated by drawing power from an overhead electric grid unlike the Bumper Boats in use today. 11 Properties from $2,300. FOX 2 Detroit (WJBK) - The name 'Boblo' came back recently after a massive fire destroyed an iconic ferry that used to take people to and from the now closed island amusement park. (LogOut/ Claire and the SS Columbia? Take a look at the link below as we take you a journey through what was once Boblo Island Amusement Park, right up to its emerging transformation. mike smithson tutor perini; ford f 350 ignition switch replacement. Claireoffered their own form of entertainment. It was the site of a conflict in 1838 during the Upper Canadian Rebellion, where 50 attackers were locked in one of the three blockhouses that had been built on the island. ), Thank you so much for the great information. People quit coming in the 1980s, then the money for upkeep is not there. $19 million in debt, John's brother Randy forced Boblo Island into court-appointed receivership in 2004. His legacy died when the company came in and took over the park. The ferry is a short four minute ride to the island. why did boblo island close; william monroe high school why did boblo island close. Building the lighthouse on the island instead of the shoal presented several advantages: a shorter tower could be used due to the . The Beach House Goodie Shack offers apparel, gifts, and home decor for residents and visitors Thursday through Sunday. It was a Canadian Island and had passenger boats that sailed from Detroit, Gibraltar and Amherstburg Ontario. Review. Boblo's miniature railroad was perfect for those interested in something more leisurely than the island's rollercoaster. Bois Blanc Island, commonly called Boblo Island, is an island in the Detroit River on the Canadian side of the border and is part of Amherstburg As I have written to the owner of the company that bought the island: You have no idea how much Boblo Island Amusement Park was to our society. Boblo's trains made a 20-minute circuit around about 2 miles of track . It was great to see all the vintage photos and stories from the good old days of classic boating when wooden boats were the norm, not the exception. http://bit.ly/2cIo6Ny (Video by Alex Atwell), VINTAGE BOBLO: Throwback video of the old Boblo boat and Boblo Island. I loved going there as it was much smaller than Cedar Point so riding the rides didnt take so long. Not fair to blame millionaires when often it is a corporation that can run out money after 5 or 6 bad years. If youre interested, check out Patrick Livingstons book Summer Dreams: The Story of Bob-Lo Island, published by Wayne State University Press in 2008. My most vivid memory is the Sky Diver ride. The Boblo Island Detroit dock building can be seen on the Detroit, Michigan side of the Detroit River. I wish that the people that bought this island could restore it. Comments Off on why did boblo island close; June 9, 2022; why did boblo island close My concern with respect to Bob-Lo Island is that what structures are left from the islands very interesting history are not being adequately protected. BOBLO ISLAND - The echoes from the screams of delight have long faded from Boblo Island Amusement Park, the Cedar Point of Michigan for most kids growing up in our region. What a wonderful goal, Andrew! We went alot and when my family''s jobs had company picnic it would always be Bob Lo. He enjoys suffering through Lions games on Sundays in the fall. An island in Amherstburg, Ont. It is a story told in a new movie that premiered last week in Detroit called "Boblo Boats: A Detroit Ferry Tale". Im glad you made this comment. Boblo Island closed for essentially the same reasons as many other urban amusement parks closed. BOBLO ISLAND AMUSEMENT PARK entertained people from both Canada and USA for 96 YEARS ! Millions of Americans and Canadians share memories of riding the Swan Boats or the train that circled the park. You can also see the large stage and the curtain with big holes in it. Boblo Island is an Island in the Detroit River located directly west of Amherstburg, Ontario, on the Canadian side of the border.

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why did boblo island close

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